v Project Fanboy - Thursday , December 27 , 2001

Project Fanboy

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Supa Kristal Dan, the answer man

Kristal, I... didn't get your rant

Kristal's new comic will be starting sometime soon..

--Kristal =^_^= miao miao

Now with .. less PF.

Well, it's over folks. Kristal's moving on, to do another comic. I don't have any info I can give out about it right now, or even a starting date, but I'll try to let you know. PF was a lot of fun, sorry we went so long before we just decided to let you all know it's over. Thanks for all the emails, IMs, forum posts, ect... Oh, and if any of you are going to Otakon, Kristal and I will see ya there ^_^

-- Daniel

Daniel is: daniel@nekonekowai.com
Kristal is: kristal@nekonekowai.com
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