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Fan colorings and original fan art:

A big thanks to Kim for the Fanart. Muffins.. So tasty.. If only people were made out of muffins..
Thanks a lot DJ Crisis for the fanart. You can check out some more of his stuff here. Muffins *_* Kristal too, but muffinnnnnssssss.... Thanks Neo! Miru!! So much cuteness *_*
Dom did ths one. We all love Dom. Angerdog (aka ZARDOZ) drew this one. I like this a lot.. must eat his brains. Angerdog drew this of me and Kristal. Keep em coming!
A nice portrait of Kristal done by Zack (Sorry it took so long to get up!!) Soup drew this of himself and Kristal, in responce to all the stuff she drew for him. It's very cute, and it's by someone famous!! or something. Rail drew this of me and Kristal. I like it a lot.
Aiee coloured a whole strip for us this time. Thanks Aiee! Everyone loves drawing Kristal. Here's Phoenix Azul's very nice fanart. A very very cute fanart of Kristal by sHELL.
Project Magical Fanboy by Comarde M A really neat coloring by Aiee Another nice fancoloring by Aiee. I particularly like this one because it gives you some insight into the process of CGing. ^_^